director&producer: Zahavi Sanjavi | project consultant: Abbas Ghazali | editors: Ebrahim Saeedi, Oleg Aleksejev, Zahavi Sanjavi |
photographer: Hamid Ghavami | sound editor: Serhiy Prokopenko | original music: Ersin Bishgen | production manager: Sherko Abbas |
post-production supervisors: Çekdar Erkıran, Kelengper R. Yuksel
Filmography: The Return, documentary, 54 min. (2016) / Finding my Father, documentary, 52 min., (2012) / All My Mothers, documentary, 60 min. (2009) / The Border, short film, 27 min. (2005) / Night Flight, documentary, 20 min. (2002) / Game and Nothing More, short film, 8 min. (2000)
Zahavi Sanjavi

Director / producer

Zahavi Sanjavi was born in 1967 in Arbil, Kurdistan, Iraq. In 1975 he sought asylum in Iran along with his family as a result of the war, which broke out in Iraqi Kurdistan. Since 1990 he lives in Sweden. Zahavi pursued his studies in the field of scriptwriting and filmmaking at All-Russian State University of Cinematography in Moscow. Within nine years he worked for TV in Iraqi Kurdistan. For the last two years Zahavi has been working in Sweden on his documentary and feature films as director, scriptwriter and producer.
Filmography: Mandoo, fiction, 90min. (2010) / All My Mothers, documentary, 60 min. (2009) / Fire Beneath the Ashes, fiction, 13 min. (2003) / Reunion, docufiction, 14 min. (2002) / Eclipse, documentary, 15 min. (2001) / Requiem Mass, documentary, 9 min. (1999) / Silence Screams, documentary, 22 min. (1997)
Ebrahim Saeedi


Director, editor and photographer, Ebrahim Saeedi was born in 1965 in Mahabad in Iranian Kurdistan. He has a B.A in Cinema from the Arts University of Tehran.
Oleg Aleksejev


Oleg Aleksejev was born in 1975 in Liepaja, Latvia (USSR).
He graduated from the Maritime College, but in 1998,
tried to work as film editor. He worked as lead editor in the biggest studio in Latvia (Vilks Studio), mainly on advertising and music videos, many of which have been honored with awards, including twice MTV Europe Music Awards - Best Baltic Act. In 2008, he also became a colorist/color grader. Currently he works as a freelance editor and colorist.
Hamid Ghavami


Hamid Ghavami was born in 1974 in Sanandaj, Kurdistan, Iraq. Working for 25 years as D.O.P. shot 150 films of different formats and genres: features, shorts, experimental videos and TV series.
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